Stastic UI, the preview of my website?

Stastic website editor can be installed on an existing website or you can create a new website with Stastic in it, as explained in the section “[How to install Stastic?]”. Then you can access the admin interface to edit your content as explained in the section “How to access Stastic admin?”.

When you open Stastic editor, the first thing you see is this:

Preview of your website in Stastic editor

This is a preview of the website you are editing with Stastic. It is always up to date with the latest content, unless a “build” is in progress, which is indicated by a spinning “wheel”:

Spinning wheel in Stastic UI, indicating that a build is in progress

Once the build is over, the wheel disapears and the preview is automatically updated.

You can read more about the build in the section “Why is Static so slow when it comes to creating and writing files to Github?”.

Also note that there is an “external link” symbol beside the “Website” menu (the external link symbol). This link is special becaus it ads a random number at the end of your website URL, this is meant to prevent your browser cache for you to see the latest version of your website, e.g.

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