Whatever I change, my website does not update

So you are trying to edit the content of your website with Stastic, but the your website does not change whatever you add or remove or change?

Did you read the section “Stastic UI, how to create pages”? And what about the section “Why is Static so slow when it comes to creating and writing files to Github?“?

There is probably a problem with your website content which causes an error when Github pages tries to build it. This prevents the website from updating any content - tip: change an existing content to see if it is your case. Also if this is the case you will receive an email from Github pages which says that there was a problem building your site. It may be in a post or page or in the settings.

Note: if only one page is not updating, please read the section “How to edit the home page?

The “easy” way of fixing this is to undo what you did recently to find out what is wrong and when it starts to update again. You can use Github commits views to see what was modified and when.

A more professional way is to clone the website code on your local computer and run Jekyll command lines to build the website and get a detailed error. Also you might want to read the section “Professional support and custom developments” to pay for support.