Why so few themes?

As explained in the section “Where do the themes come from?”, Stastic offers free themes for you to create a new website. These themes are free and we need to curate this list by hand, so we add some themes every now and then. If you need more themes or if the themes we have do not suite you, you have several options:

Stastic list of curated Jekyll themes

1- Create a new website on Github pages, with a theme provided by a third party website such as these once, for free or paid, then install Stastic on this new website as explained in the section “[How to install Stastic]” 2- Contact us as explained in the contact page here, and ask for the contact of a Jekyll designer, we will be glad to put you in contact with a freelancer or a company.

You might also be interested in the section “How to change the design of my website?”.