Stastic UI, the "pages" list

Stastic website editor can be installed on an existing website or you can create a new website with Stastic in it, as explained in the section “[How to install Stastic?]”. Then you can access the admin interface to edit your content as explained in the section “How to access Stastic admin?”.

When you open Stastic editor, the first thing you see is this:

Stastic UI

Lets open “Pages” from menu:

Pages list in Stastic editor

There you can see a list of pages. Please note that some themes have no pages by default and do not have any navigation to list the pages on the home page. In this case, when you create pages you will be able to access it but your users will have hard time browsing your website. If a page does not show up in your website after you have created it, please check the section “Why are my pages or posts not visible in the website?”.

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