Stastic installer: choose between "new website" and "existing website"

When you start Stastic main app - the installer, you will have a choice to make:

Stastic welcome page

Once you made your choice, you may want to check the section “[How to install Stastic]”.

New website

If you want to create a new website, choose this option! You will be able to select a theme in our list of free open source themes, and then you will start customizing the content with Stastic editor in minutes.

Existing website

This is the option you want if you already have a website and you want to edit its content with Stastic. This probably means that you are in one of these cases:

  • you want to use a theme you found on Github and you clicked “fork” to make it your own
  • you have created a website with Jekyll and host it on Github pages

In both cases, Stastic will be installed in the “/admin” folder of your website or theme.